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TwitLonger from Stacy Michelle (Vic’s manager’s assistant) about Ariana/Victoria drama



@vjheadquarters: I just posted a TwitLonger in attempts to clear up some of the Ariana/Victoria drama. Please read & share. Let’s bridge this gap in fandoms.

Hi @ShayButera,

I saw your tweet/Keek about hating Victoria and I wanted to address it. 

I don’t know if you know who I am, but my name is Stacy and I work for Victoria. I’ve worked for her since 2011. 

Last summer, we had every intention of Victoria doing the Here’s 2 Us tour dates we announced. Based on your Keek, I feel like that’s probably what you bought tickets for. Fortunately or unfortunately (depending on who you are, for you I’d say it’s unfortunate), shortly after announcing, we were approached by Big Time Rush to team up for the Summer Break tour. We all, Victoria included, weighed the options heavily and ultimately decided that she would do the Summer Break tour. Unfortunately for you, this means that the tickets you purchased and the excitement you felt all disappeared. Honestly the hardest part of cancelling the dates we cancelled for Victoria to do the Summer Break tour was knowing how much it hurt certain fans. We are truly sorry that it got cancelled.

As for Victoria “bullying” Ariana, this whole thing is false. Ariana did an interview for Seventeen magazine, in which she said that she worked on a show and the main character bullied her. I totally understand how from this, people could jump to conclusions and think this meant Victorious, and that it pointed to Victoria, but Ariana has come out and said that she needed to clear up the drama and that she was speaking about someone she was on Broadway with. You can see her post about it here:

I’ve grown to know Victoria really well over the last few years and when people say she’s a bully, it blows my mind. Victoria Justice is truly and honestly one of the most kind people I’ve ever met, and I’m not saying that because I work for her. I support and defend her because she is an incredible person. I was bullied in High School and I take bullying VERY seriously… I would never be able to work for or support someone who bullies people. Victoria Justice is not a bully. Quite honestly, she’s so nice that I don’t think she could be mean if she tried. 

You mentioned Victoria being the reason “Victorious” ended. This is also completely false. I was there the day Victoria found out that Victorious wasn’t getting renewed for a final season and she was devastated. Victoria loved working on Victorious and despite what rumors may exist, she would’ve never done anything to compromise the show. Her doing a Summer Tour in 2012 was not an issue with Nickelodeon, and furthermore, there was nothing in her contract that would cause it to be an issue. “Sam & Cat” got picked up by Nickelodeon, and in my opinion, they wouldn’t be able to have “Cat” in two shows (simultaneously in High School and in post-High School—- it just doesn’t make sense). This isn’t Ariana’s fault, this isn’t Victoria’s fault, this isn’t anyone’s fault. These were decisions made by the Network without any cast members being aware. The entire cast was beyond shocked when they were told they weren’t getting renewed. We may never know the full story behind it, but I know for a 100% fact that the show ending was not Victoria’s fault.

I understand that this is a lot to read, but I appreciate you reading it. I’ve requested to follow you on Twitter, so please feel free to DM me or @reply me if you have any questions or want to talk. If you have a change of heart and understand the things I’ve said, I’d love to know what city you’re in. Then, the next time Victoria is in town, I’d love to set up something for the two of you to meet. I’m sure she’d love to meet you and at least help to make up for disappointing you with cancelling the show in your city. 


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